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Project Description
Wii Mote 2D Fighting Game Created for a 2nd year project management course in the B.IT: Interactive Multimedia & Design Program at Carleton University.

Makes use of a bluetooth connected WiiMote, usb connected accelerometers in addition to the keyboard to create a novel game interface.

Uses Managed Library for Nintendo's Wiimote by Brian Peek.

This game targets DirectX 9 and the .NET Framework 2.0 and is written in C#.

Releases include source code, original assets, VS 2008 project files and .NET executables.

Copyright 2008: John James Belaskie, Mark Gaucher, Victor Khalaf, Mark Pintar, Lucas Stephenson, Stephanie Whitwill

We Presented our nearly 4 months of work yesterday !!

Please visit our "learning centre"

see a gameplay video:

Here is our team, though we all participated in most areas for this release
John James Belaskie - Design Lead
Mark Gaucher - Project Manager
Victor Khalaf - Artistic Lead
Mark Pintar - Technical Researcher
Lucas Stephenson - Technical Lead
Stephanie Whitwill - Creative Lead

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